Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some more pictures of Lauren, Shaemus, and this winter..


Picking up where I left off almost a year ago, So much has happened....... I left Alaska and went home to Rockland, Maine and lived with Lauren and Lydia, two awesome roommates. We had a great fall full of workin', training for the Mount Desert Island marathon, and catching up with family and friends. Let's see, I lost my camera on the way home from Alaska last year, so some pictures from this period of time were hardly taken. The marathon went great, Amy Knox ran her first Marathon and killed it! We had a great house in Southwest harbor and tons of support it was really great. Dad and Uncle Ted, and my cousin Tim helped me cut holes in my house and install a wood stove and metal roof. I worked at Pemaquid marine and Boatworks for most the winter building and restoring boats. It was an interesting place to work for sure. My co-workers were talented and super fun to be around, making the winter fly by. I tried to get into dancing more this winter and had a blast doing it. I hit the pool more frequently than in the past trying to become a better swimmer. (I can't say I made a lot of progress, swimming is hard). Overall winter was great and I was sad to leave, Lauren made lots of great food for us and we drank wine and hunkered down with Shaemus.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here are some shots of some of the stuff we have been doing around the shack preseason. We worked to fill up the "goodie cans" which are these cook pots stuffed with all sorts of stuff, granola bars, coffee packets, candy, nuts, ect. to be dropped in to fires with us in our fire packs. We filled hundreds of these and and taped em up for Para-Cargo. We have been doing some rigging refreshers and rigging live chutes. First refresher gets done this week and Ill be in second Refresher come Monday. Time to jump again!

The Shower PIMP

So at work someone thought it a good idea to order a pink bunny bathroom suit so we could have a $5 flip ( "The shower Pimp flip") to see who had to wear it to and from the shower for the rest of the year. (I heard the suit cost about $75.00 ) The winner after many buy backs and eliminations was Shoe, the Shower PIMP for the year. Congrats Shoe! Doesent he look great in that thing

The Cabin

So here are a few more pictures of our Humble little Cabin. It is a bit smaller than cabin 3 at Dad's (very small) All we need though and an upgrade from the sterile environment on Fort Wainwright. Also, the Table, shelves, and bench in action. I have had a great time bouilding stuff for the cabin. My roommate thinks I'm crazy, but guess who's eating every meal at our new table and storing his stuff on the shelves???? hehehe

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Building some furniture....

My Rookie Bro and I moved into a dry cabin over by the University. We have lived on the Army base for a couple years and it was about time to cut away and have a life beyond the base and work. We moved into a cabin about 300 sq ft and unfurnished; great except that a less than ideal piece of used furniture costs a small fortune. I decided to build a few things we needed. I figure it is the least I can do after the six months at the boat shop. With more confidence than before I delved into some projects and had a great time. I am happy to report that they have come out far better than the sad excuse for some drawers that I took part in building when in Homer visiting Rachel (though I hear they are operational, after Ben took the reins). At any rate, it felt great to work with wood and build something that will be used for the season up here. Here is some shots of the table and a book shelf that I whipped up.

EMT is over

After a hectic three weeks, EMT has came and gone. It was a heck of a course but we all managed to get it done (begrungenly at times) and come out the other side. We had a lot of fun working with one another. We laughed a lot and have some fond memories to look back on for sure.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's been a long long while

Having been at the Carpenters boat shop for the past six months with limited internet access and very limited free time I have been not bad but terrible at updating this. I will try and I need to emphasis, try to keep up with this a bit better. I'm back in Alaska and back to work. I spent some time with Rachel in Homer and dropped off Shameus once again. I am currently taking EMT class (for a second time) but with IV training this time around which scares me more than almost anything in the World. I faced it thought and made my 5 successful sticks, I was 5 for 11 overall.....haha not to bad.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Backwards posts

So I seem to always forget how to post these pics and the order ends up backwards.............. So read in reverse....... Oh and here is a picture of Rachel's Kayak that she built! That's MY sister!

Having a go as a lookout

I thought well I was up there I would try to see what it was like to be a lookout. I looked hard but was unable to locate any smokes.  Phil, the actual lookout allowed us to check the place out, showing us unparalleled hospitality. Thanks again Phil for a great time. I  some of the things I love doing when I'm home, I played a few games of cribbage (lost all of them) listened to Red Sox baseball, and enjoyed some good company. It was a great evening at Hillsborough Peak lookout.

A nice and easy fire

It was not the most difficult fire I have ever been on but sometimes that is just great. The altitude was hard on the lungs, but it was a great fire to warm up with. I know know the things I need to bring (I seem to forget after each season) I set up my hammock right near the lookout and had an amazing view of the forest. I climbed the lookout and took in the views, caught the sunset, and was just real lucky to be able to be out there. 

Possibly the best fire I will ever get to jump...

I jumped a fire with Dawson my jump partner on Friday. It was an amazing jump at 10, 000 ft right at the Hillsboro lookout tower in the Gila Wilderness. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A new base.....A new plane

We have a plane that I have never jumped out of before, they call it the "Doug" It's a DC-3 and it's pretty neat. It is like being in an Indiana Jones movie or something. It is also know to give most folks on board a sick to there stomach feeling which leads to barfing inside the hot plane either into your suit or hopefully into a barf bag. Rumor has it last yea a jumper was in the door ready to jump and threw up through his face mask as he went out.... Will that be me?? I sure hope not. Anyway, here is the "Doug" out on the ramp as some storms rolled through. It sure is a nice looking plane with the new shiny paint job.

New Mexico or bust

The Forest service sets up a jump base down in Silver city, New Mexico every year to jump the Gila National forest as well as Arizona. The BLM (Alaska, and Boise) only send two jumpers a year to the southwest to be Gila Smokejumpers. I was lucky enough to pull my name out of a hat and get on the jump list near the top.  The choice went down the list and I had the chance so I went. I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do being that I'm still new to Alaska, but the opportunity to come down here may never come again. I'm In silver City now, the base, the people, the town are all pretty neat. I like the desert and hopefully Ill get to jump the Gila wilderness a few times. Here are some pictures of the new digs.